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Several Upcoming Surgeries / Healing my son ( Aaron )

over a year ago by John Casey Pray for me
I am 56 years of age. I was a passenger in an automobile accident and had a (Penetrating ) Traumatic Brain Injury. This resulted in the loss of an egg-sized portion of both the right and left Frontal- Lobes of my Brain. The Doctor's told my Family I would more than likely be unable to ever function normally for the rest of my life. God has proved that He would in His Time He would heal me . I also have several other serious Medical conditions. I have severe internal problems A Hietal Hernia, Perforated Esophogus / Numerous Performations in my whole Digestive System. Also 4 cracked vertebrae and pinched nerves in my neck. I have 3 or 4 more operations to undergo. I am also the caregiver of my 21 year old son who has been Diagnosed with/ Schitzophrenia/ Bipolar Disorder/ Tourettes / ADD/ADHD and Grand-mal seizures. He attacked me 3 weeks ago and put me in the Hospital and the police arrested him and he is in jail until the 21 of August. The Police do not want to let him come back t0l


over a year ago by [email protected] Pray for me
Asking for you to pray that I am filled with the Holy Spirit


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Pray that I grow stronger in The Lord

to do his will

over a year ago by Tamera Poole Pray for me
Show me Jesus will and how to do Jesus will .


over a year ago by Mark Pray for me