Sought Out, We Are Not Forsaken- Raw Testimony Revelatory Word!


Raw Testimony..Revelatory Word!

Don't Assume You know what these books Bring forth.. as You will be wrong.. they are as Multi-faceted as a Rare-cut Diamond! A New Revelation from every angle!

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Real Life Transparent Testimony; Spiritual Biblical Poems; Spiritual Tools for your Edification; Angelic Testimony; Heaven Visitations


This book is a Riveting compilation of Ministry teaching, Testimony of Heavenly Visitations and deliverance! This book of Graced-given Words of Wisdom, are intended to bring understanding to the masses on the Truth that we were, and are continually Sought Out by our Heavenly Father! He’s calling for us to yield as He has prepared a better way! This book will help others to understand that Our Father leading us by His Spirit only seeks to keep us from needless suffering!

This passionately narrated book will lead those who are still lost to understand that there is nothing they have done or ever could do that would cause our Heavenly Father to stop His Loving pursuit to reunite himself with His Beloved! In doing this it will also bring understanding to those who have come to Christ, that there is nothing they could ever do to separate themselves from Him!


Shawntrell is the author of “Woman Submit, Under Man’s Mission Not Under His Foot!” various, books, poems and other publications! A minister of God, she has been writing since the age of twelve. Through prophecy it was revealed that she is a Ready Writer of God. Psalms 45:1-2

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