Encouraging Words and Testimony 

From The Sisters & Brothers in Christ

Shalom! Keep going! We have your back.  Oh, by the way, your message a few months back on how  Yahweh felt heart ache was my motivation to finally wake up & join the fight (yes, I know, a very unexpected twist for myself too).   ALL your messages have seeds of light in them. I am proof of that. I love you Ambassador Davis! Shalom!

Donnie Golanda Your Brother in Christ 

Be blessed, & may Yahweh continue to wax you in divine wisdom. Your messages are never in vain. We hear, & follow.

Your Brother!

God bless you minister Shawntrell Davis for all of your obedience and the sharing that you do. I’ve eaten so much from your ministry. I recently received all copies of your books from Amazon.com. They are thorough and full of the word. I would like to thank you also for introducing me to Stephen Darby ( you shared one of his videos and I’ve watched so many of them and shared with others as well. It was such a shock that he passed away so sudden. What a blessing his ministry has been as well. I now have your books to impart somethings that I may need now and down the road. God bless you and your Family in Jesus Mighty Name!

Anonymous Brethren 

I have grown so much in the Lord. I've been following and watching and learning for 3 years now. My spiritual eyes have been opened and i trust. I love you. And i thank God for your life. I have amazed on many different levels on all things Kingdom. I've learned how to depend on God for everything. I believe God guided me to this ministry for a divine purpose.

Joanie L. Pike Mendez- reviewed Preach Be A VOICE. Not An Echo — 

5 star November 1 at 11:26 PM ·

Thorough study of the word with Revelation! This Woman of God loves the Lord for real! Blessed immensely!

Jacqueline Griffith-Pearce reviewed 

Preach Be A VOICE. Not An Echo — 5 star

Everyone needs to tune in!! I have learned so much by watching her videos on YouTube!! She is always on point with the word!! God continue to use her! Amen!

Ashley Janet Nelson recommends Preach Be A VOICE. Not An Echo.

 September 14 

Awesome woman of God! Thanks for your teachings! Helping me to get a understanding!

Shareice Thomas reviewed Preach Be A VOICE. Not An Echo — 

5 star February 8 

Came across your videos on YouTube. Love it! Spot on, the spirit is on you and people are waking up. Keep posting sister!!

Alina White reviewed Preach Be A VOICE. Not An Echo — 

5 star March 11, 2017

The Moment the enemy Realizes, You are No Longer Running -but You are Coming for him(With Force)

Testify to Love

By Avalon


By Danny Gokey

Armor of Light Poem
Shawntrell Davis