Encouraging Words and Testimony 

From The Sisters & Brothers in Christ

Hi.. I kept saying I was going to say Happy Birthday and for whatever reason it slipped my mind. Until I just saw your post again.. Happy Belated Birthday woman of God. Your life and love permeates through your videos. I am blessed to be among great women like yourself continuing to pave the way for others. 

I'm encouraged and inspired by you and I just want to say thank you for being you and allowing God to shape you and most importantly for your yes.. 

You are truly a tool being used by God for his Kingdom. Many have been inspired by you even though many won't admit it. Your reward in Heaven is great for your selflessness.. Love you my sister have a wonderful evening...Im Sending some just because money..

Sis Lugo - Kingdom of Heaven

Anyone who has the Holy Spirit leading them knows this a true ministry. I have learned so much from this ministry over the past 2 years;  I have laughed, cried, had aha moments, been convicted, and learned truth over the past two years. You are truly a blessing to man

I will not and can not say this about many ministries....

if you are speaking against the words given through this ministry you are walking on dangerous grounds. 

Repent quickly and ask the Holy Spirit for insight. If you don’t want to listen..move along...but don’t let Satan use your tongue to curse yourself. Keep speaking Sister, Ambassador-Shawntrell Davis!!💙

Kari Dawson- - Beloved Sister In Christ

Shalom! Keep going! We have your back.  Oh, by the way, your message a few months back on how  Yahweh felt heart ache was my motivation to finally wake up & join the fight (yes, I know, a very unexpected twist for myself too).   ALL your messages have seeds of light in them. I am proof of that. I love you Ambassador Davis! Shalom!

Donnie Golanda Your Brother in Christ 

I watch you YOUTUBE videos, i am blessed. I love you. and pray for you. Thank you for obeying Gods call on your life. You have His anointing and HIs spirit is all over you. Keep spreading the TRUTH

Joanie Pike Mendez

Be blessed, & may Yahweh continue to wax you in divine wisdom. Your messages are never in vain. We hear, & follow.

Your Brother!

God bless you minister Shawntrell Davis for all of your obedience and the sharing that you do. I’ve eaten so much from your ministry. I recently received all copies of your books from Amazon.com. They are thorough and full of the word. I would like to thank you also for introducing me to Stephen Darby ( you shared one of his videos and I’ve watched so many of them and shared with others as well. It was such a shock that he passed away so sudden. What a blessing his ministry has been as well. I now have your books to impart somethings that I may need now and down the road. God bless you and your Family in Jesus Mighty Name!

Anonymous Brethren 

I have grown so much in the Lord. I've been following and watching and learning for 3 years now. My spiritual eyes have been opened and i trust. I love you. And i thank God for your life. I have amazed on many different levels on all things Kingdom. I've learned how to depend on God for everything. I believe God guided me to this ministry for a divine purpose.

Joanie L. Pike Mendez- reviewed Preach Be A VOICE. Not An Echo — 

5 star November 1 at 11:26 PM ·

Thorough study of the word with Revelation! This Woman of God loves the Lord for real! Blessed immensely!

Jacqueline Griffith-Pearce reviewed 

Preach Be A VOICE. Not An Echo — 5 star

Everyone needs to tune in!! I have learned so much by watching her videos on YouTube!! She is always on point with the word!! God continue to use her! Amen!

Ashley Janet Nelson recommends Preach Be A VOICE. Not An Echo.

 September 14 

Awesome woman of God! Thanks for your teachings! Helping me to get a understanding!

Shareice Thomas reviewed Preach Be A VOICE. Not An Echo — 

5 star February 8 

Came across your videos on YouTube. Love it! Spot on, the spirit is on you and people are waking up. Keep posting sister!!

Alina White reviewed Preach Be A VOICE. Not An Echo — 

5 star March 11, 2017

I love the clarity these messages have. Pastor does not leave you wanting for anything. she breaks it all down.

Tasha Lee

The Moment the enemy Realizes, You are No Longer Running -but You are Coming for him(With Force)

Testify to Love

By Avalon


By Danny Gokey

Armor of Light Poem
Shawntrell Davis