Shawntrell Davis & Thomas Emmanuel Davis III

Shawntrell grew up poor to a single mother and is one of 14    children.  Shawntrell has suffered abuse, domestic violence and has a very diverse and painful background from which the Lord has delivered her!  

Minister Shawntrell had various dreams over a 3 year period, where in the visions she was shown herself teaching powerfully, in other languages, yet her heart interpreted what she said into English!  

One day after hearing the voice of the Lord tell her she has the Gift of A Ruler, she began to pray for revelation and Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Shawntrell was baptized with the Holy Spirit and has the Gift of tongues. After this; through a women of God it was prophesied that her Gift of Tongues is that of a ReadyWriter of God and that by this she would write many books, poems and songs.  She believes God!

Since then Minister Davis has written several books, Poems and songs and been published 7 times in less than a year!  She has also been given over 14 more books of the Lord to write and songs that have been written.

In a Heavenly Vision, Minster Shawntrell was told of the Lord that she would go to the Multitudes and that time is short!  Believing the many visions and dreams she has experienced, she trusts God proceeds in Confidence.

Minster Shawntrell has moved forth in Faith and in Obedience to move quickly as the Lord instructs, and this Ministry is a result of that obedience!   

The goal of Ambassadors  Mr. & Mrs. Davis is to spread the Gospel, in Love and to do all she can with the Grace God has given, to Teach, Exhort, Reprove, Edify and yes, to Preach!

Ministers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Emmanuel Davis III
Mrs. Davis Bringing forth the Word of God!
Mr. Davis Serving in his Grace Gift for Media Production!

Davis Media Group

Facts are Temporal Truth is Eternal! What is real? The TRUTH that, Nothing is too hard for God!    ~Minister Shawntrell Davis~

The KINGDOM OF GOD is in WORD and in POWER and this Ministry will not only PREACH HIS WORD it shall Illuminate HIS POWER! 

Pray of Salvation - Have you Accepted the Blessed Free Gift of Christ?