Preach Be A Voice Not An Echo


Be Loved to Death or Hated unto Glory Part 1

Be Loved to Death or Hated unto Glory Part. 2

Hated Unto Glory PT1
Hated Unto Glory PT 2

Age O f Accountability-Salvation  21 and Under?

"Breach in the Spirit" Daubed with Unhampered Mortar and Carriers of Broken Cisterns 

Age of Accountability
A Breach in the Spirit

And When He had Put Them Out, Faith Prevailed

Send Forth Ambushes Against the Enemy's Camp! Worship and Praise!

Faith Prevailed
AND WHEN He Had Put them Out
Ambushments_Message and Prayer_8

The Baptism of Repentance vs The Baptism of Fire Testimony - 2 Weeks My Natural Language Evaded me

By Faith we are "Caught Up"By Faith All is Fulfilled  

Baptism of Repentance vs Baptism of Fire Testimony
By Faith We Are Caught Up _By Faith All is Fullfilled

Rapture, Are the Children of the  Unsaved  Taken, even  in Utero?

Ensnared by the Words of your Mouth, Ignorance..

Children Gone In Rapture_The Unsaved Who Are Pregnant And Nursing_Deep Dread
Ensnared By The Words Of Your Mouth_Ignorance Is No Defense

Had they Known the Glory that Would Follow

I AM- His Voice Hear Every way He Speaks  Pt . 1

Had They Known It_The Glory That Would Follow
I Am His Voice PT 1

I AM- His Voice Hear Every way He Speaks  Pt . 2

I Wish You All Spoke in Tongues, but Rather ..Prophesy

I Am His Voice PT 2
I Wish That You All Spoke In Tounges_But I Rather You Prophesy

In A Multitude of Counselors (Testimonies)

Kingdom Women, TheyBeLively-Bringing Forth Quick

In The Multitude of Counselors

Kingdom 411 Rhema-No Word-Nor Rain=Drought

Kigdom Women Be Lively

Kiss the Son Less He Be Angry & You Perish from the Way

Kingdom 411_Relevant_Crucial Truth_Now
Kiss The Son Lest He Be Angry_And You Perish From The Way

Lifted By the Lies How Haters TRULY become Your Elevators

Power Under Will (Maturity)Unto the Sons of God, Power didn't save us, Surrendering to the Will of God Did

Lifted By The Lies_How Your Haters Truly Become Your Elevators
Power Under Will_Keep It Under

"Spiritual Adjudication" Time of the Giving Over

Pride Makes Way for Destruction Pride has Budded so The Rod has Blossomed 

Spiritual Judication_Time of the Giving Over
Pride Makes Way For Destruction

Render Due Benevolence When its Time to Get it on,  and Save Their  Body

Rhema Word: It's Not Yours" Says the Lord, The Rainbow, the Praise, The Worship!

When Its Time To Get It On-Give It Up-Save Their Body
Render Due Benevolence
It's Not Yours- Says The Lord
Rhema Word

Send forth Your Rivers Less You Suffer Drought Now Word=No Water=Drought=Famine

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Send Forth Your Rivers_Lest You Suffer Drought

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